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I guess you see....I had another daydream...

~ kate ~
18 November
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I'm 19 years old. I'm a 6 with a strong 7 wing (enneagram) I'm a sophomore at Emmanuel College in Boston. its a small high school type college, but i deal with it. its in boston and i've made my AWESOME friends here and we go out on the town as much as possible. I've declared my major as business but my mind is always changing, who knows what i'll really end up doing. I've been to hollywood, l.a. and sandiego California (and want to move there for part of my life), cancun mexico (so much fun), st thomas, florida, virginia beach. as you can see i love the beach. i'll try anything once, skiing i have but its an expensive habit. the snow is ok but i perfer the heat. sometimes at night. i just like to walk down my street and lay in the middle of the grass and stare up at the sky. i like singing (offtune) in the shower and blaring music for all to hear. i listen to everything and anything (including some country..yes i like shania twain). im single and i have fun doing it. sometimes i get out of control and crazy, but i like doing that. i obsess over the little things, get easily jealous, sarcastic, i am an overreactor (come from a long line of them) and i get silent if im mad. i easily get walked over by people because i am too nice. but when you really offend me, and i am real angry, you WILL hear it. and its not good. but i tend never to go over the edge hah. im starting a kickboxing class and i am planning on going to Fort Lauderdale for Spring break and i might possibly be getting a home in Arizona (we are visiting around easter)
i dont know if i believe in soulmates and i sure as hell dont believe ill meet the love of my life living in the tri-town. i dont trust that book "hes just not that into you" and i dont trust many people. being stabbed in the back by many people does that to you. i try to keep an open mind but sometimes its hard. anyway, i also like to babble on and on...